Bee Keeping 101 Workshop

May 25th


Hillsborough Elementary School

*Lunch will be provided*


This course offered by Foods of the Fundy Valley is a one day introductory workshop for anyone interested in becoming a beekeeper. As a hands-on experience, we will go through everything required for those new to beekeeping. By the end of the day you will have a good understanding of the equipment and tools required for beekeeping as well as a basic understanding of honey bee biology and disease management. We will examine honey and other hive products to give you a ‘taste’ of the broader benefits of keeping bees. With lots of opportunity for questions and discussion, this is a guaranteed fun first step towards becoming a beekeeper.



Instructor Bio:

Dr. Andrew Byers
Originally from Nova Scotia, Andrew spent twenty years living in England and started beekeeping through involvement with the long established British Beekeeping Association. As a biologist with many years of teaching experience, beekeeping and helping others to become beekeepers combines two of Andrew’s main interests. In 2015, Andrew repatriated to the Maritimes and decided to build his beekeeping interest into more than a hobby. He now keeps bees in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and is involved in the beekeeping industries in both provinces.


  The cost of the workshop is $50.  There is a limit of 15 participants for this workshop. 

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