Foods of the Fundy Valley has launched it’s bee keeping enthusiasts group!   

Bee Wise Beekeepers was started in September 2017 and currently has 19 members and dozens of followers on the Bee Wise general Facebook page. Members include novice, non- beekeepers, all the way up to commercial producers for the Fundy Valley and Greater Moncton area.  Ages run from high school students through to retired enthusiasts. Meeting venues can vary but all meetings to date have been held at the Sobey’s grocery store, in Riverview, community meeting room, second Thursday of the month.  Items of note so far are demonstrations on honey extraction, making mead, building a bee hive and bees wax rendering and products.

The Bee Wise Beekeepers mandate is to provide a forum for education, engagement and experience for those interested in learning more about beekeeping through regular meetings, workshops, idea sharing discussions and socializing.  We wish to increase community awareness of the importance of bees to our food supply.  There will be several exciting community projects kicked off in 2018.

Please feel free to join the Bee Wise Beekeeping Facebook group to see updates on upcoming meetings and events.

Foods of the Fundy Valley receives grant from Whole Kids Foundation for Bee Hives!

Foods of the Fundy Valley recently received a monetary grant from Whole Kids Foundation which will be used by the Bee Wise Beekeeping group to create bee awareness.   The group will purchase an observational hive that can be taken primarily into schools to educate children on the importance bees and show them how the inner workings of the hive.  The group will also purchase a fixed hive that will be placed in the Fundy Region where children can come visit to see the bees in action.  The fixed hive will also allow for other interest groups to come view the workings of a bee hive. The Bee Wise group will also be planting a pollinator garden around the hive.  We will let you know on our FB page and in our newsletter when we will be planting the pollinator garden if you would like to come help!