Garden Clubs

Foods of the Fundy Valley volunteers work with students from three area schools to create and tend gardens and garden structures.  We have built raised beds, garden towers, arbors and greenhouses.  Plantings include edibles – vegetables and herbs – as well as ornamental shrubs, plants and flowers.

  • Little Green Thumbs – Hillsborough Elementary School
  • Caledonia Growing – Caledonia Regional High School
  • Riverside Garden Club – Riverside Consolidated School

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids from the Hillsborough and Riverside schools learn to prepare and appreciate nutritious, home-cooked meals, usually from fresh produce that they have grown themselves.  Salsa and spaghetti sauce, applesauce, pumpkin pie, minestrone… the repertoire is growing!  Kids cook and serve a Harvest Lunch to teachers, parents and fellow students in the fall.

Shepody Café at Shepody Food Bank

Volunteers prepare and serve nutritious homemade soups or other hot dishes during Food Bank hours, in a casual setting where participants can exchange recipes and other food-related ideas.  Soups are often made with ingredients that are available in the day’s food boxes, thus encouraging clients to make the best use of the fresh produce that is available.