Riverside Albert Community Garden is almost ready!

With spring finally here, many of us have been itching to get outside and gardening in the nice fresh air. Well wait no more, because there is going to be a NEW Community Garden opening this week, right here in Riverside Albert! Foods of the Fundy Valley, the Forest Dale Nursing Home and the Shepody Food Bank have all partnered to build our very own shared garden.

Forest Dale has graciously provided the space, water and other support for the garden and will have one of the plots to grow food for the home and as an outdoor activity space for the seniors, staff, volunteers, and family who come to visit their loved ones. The Shepody Food Bank generously helped by writing a successful grant to fund the building of the garden and will also have their own plot for anyone in the community to come and care for, and eat freely from, bringing any extra produce back to the Food Bank for the families and other people that they serve. Foods of the Fundy Valley is providing Elizabeth Gorman’s Program Coordinator time to organize the build and the running of the garden this season.

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday at 10am, myself and volunteers from FFV will be working in some nice local compost and soil into the 10 plots (If you’d like to join in the work party fun come on down! We’ll be round back.) Each plot will measure approximately 10ft x 10ft. Out of these 10 plots, there will be 8 available for anyone who would like to rent one for the year. Our vision for the garden is for it to be a space where people can have fun gardening together – with the soil already tilled and ready to go, tools provided, and workshops throughout the summer and fall season. We also see it as becoming a beautiful green resting and gathering space for anyone who would like to just simply spend time in the garden relaxing, maybe taking a break from work or life in general, and as a space for others to host events and gather.

If you or someone you know is interested in signing up for a plot, please visit or call Mindy Holmstrom at the Forest Dale Nursing Home, 882-3015 or contact Elizabeth at [email protected], or at 875-5841. The only cost is a yearly fee of 15$ (or pay what you can) to help cover future costs for soil amendments etc in 2017.

Please note – the photo above is not the garden yet, but rather a vision for what it may become 🙂